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19 Oct 2017 09:02:49
A few bits here for you:
O JOGO are reporting that @Wolves will sign Diogo Jota for £14m in January.
Bournemouth boss Eddie Howe has dismissed rumours that West Brom and Wolves target Benik Afobe, 24, may be allowed to leave the club in January by insisting that the striker remains part of his plans

A Romanian reporter on the twitter has said "An English club is ready to pay me 10m pounds for Alibec! " When asked was it Wolves he replied "probably" when other teams were mentioned he never replied. The player in question is a forward.
That's magic!

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19 Oct 2017 16:40:11
Benik Afobe is part of Eddie Howe's plans for the championship next season!
That's magic!

20 Oct 2017 07:15:17
Who’s Dennis Alibec never heard of him?

20 Oct 2017 09:22:02
Denis Alibec (born 5 January 1991) is a Romanian p rofessional footballer who plays for FCSB and the Romania national team as a forward.
That's magic!

20 Oct 2017 12:19:29
Looks like Debbie took everything from Paul Daniels after his death, including his catchphrase!

20 Oct 2017 13:14:05
This "that's magic" is getting boring now.

20 Oct 2017 16:10:59
I'm not sure about that Rated RKO.

I like it, not a lot, but I like it.

I'll get my coat.

20 Oct 2017 16:16:09
Please do Clive . There is a taxi outside .

20 Oct 2017 17:17:04
Could be worse it could be our oldmanager grams Taylor rip
Do I not like that.

20 Oct 2017 19:30:43
What have I started? lol.

21 Oct 2017 05:11:30
Since we've started winning Paul Tamworth has disappeared, along with his bemoaning. Where are you Paul?
That's. I'll stop now.
I miss Paul Tamworth and my Paul.

{Ed001's Note - Paul has been a constant on the banter page. Not sure how you haven't noticed. Paul has never hidden whether the team is playing badly or well to be fair to him.}

21 Oct 2017 11:35:43
PT has been quite active and has never hidden away.

16 Oct 2017 07:53:50
Last night was a watershed event. In relatively short order, Nuno has brought together a team that can now dominate this league and can go forward next year and take on the Prem. Leicester have shown what can be done - suggest everyone makes sure their passports are up to date.

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16 Oct 2017 10:14:32
Feels like the momentum we had in L1 when Jackett took over.

Remember when Helder Costa was our standout player? Now we have a team of players with his ability, probably more in some cases.

16 Oct 2017 13:26:45
After back to back relegations, and dross over a number of seasons, the feel good factor is back

We finally have a squad who can play good football with plenty of depth in the squad too.

That's magic!

17 Oct 2017 14:15:01
Magic indeed, Lovely.

We've always had a few good players. Just never 11. I was looking at the u23 team earlier. It included Zyro, Burgoyne, Ronan, Hause, Oniangue and Deslandes. All with the ability to play in the Championship. Zyro must think he's unlucky not to be on the bench in the match squad.

18 Oct 2017 14:06:10
With the undoubted depth in the squad I wouldn't be surprised if 2/ 3 of the squad players are sold in January and the money re-invested in a single stand-out player. This would help with FFP and continue the quality upgrade we are enjoying. Edwards, Bodvarsson and Dicko were sold for useful money in the bank, and we certainly haven't missed them.

19 Oct 2017 22:00:53
We expected Coady Batth Price to go but they are still there and in their own ways doing well the best old Wolves player has been Doherty really pleased he has kept his place and is a match for the new signings.

13 Oct 2017 22:11:44
Just throwing this out there but how about a cheeky bid for moussa dembele.

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15 Oct 2017 12:03:03
I'd be suspicious of any striker that does well in the SPL. An example being Gary Hooper, he's hardly prolific in this league.
That's magic!

15 Oct 2017 14:27:09
Debbie I see where you are coming from and I'd understand if you were talking about Leigh Griffith's but this is moussa we are talking about he's 21 already played 50 odd games in the championship scoring 15 goals as a 17-20 year old that isn't a bad record can't see bright producing that anytime soon. I think many wolves fans would take a Ryan seggeson who has a similar record to dembele. I think bonatini and Jota will be our out and out strikers I think having a dembele to play off Costa and caverliro would be a way to kill off any game. We don't need a striker but I think being greedy as we are now, wouldn't say no to have dembele as a 65 min sub and he's been competing with Griffith's anyway and I can't see Celtic letting him go. But I'd pay 15 mill for dembele over the likes of Afobe bearing in mind benik was playing league 1 footy when we snapped him up and he stepped up for us. Dembele would carry the form to the premium easily. He'd walk in to a Swansea Stoke Everton Southampton Southampton team.

16 Oct 2017 00:35:00
Only problem is Celtic valued him at £40m a few months ago.

17 Oct 2017 12:03:31
Unfortunately for Celtic I can't see any Scottish league player being worth 40 million. Not even a 40 goal a season player as 6 of the league's teams, are league 1-2 opposition. A bowman transfer as well last season, realistically he's worth about 5 but with the inflation in footy I think we'd have to pay 11 minimum.

12 Oct 2017 16:02:35
I've heard Fulham will be back for Marshall in January.
That's magic!

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13 Oct 2017 15:50:00
Magic Debbie. You've obviously been reading the newspapers.

08 Oct 2017 20:12:15
Wolves will make jota along with Bonatinis loan permanent this January along with a forward signing from mendes stables.

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09 Oct 2017 13:40:23
Is that a guess or are you claiming to be ITK?

09 Oct 2017 16:10:40
I am guessing it's a guess.

09 Oct 2017 19:47:51
Any news about Boly?

11 Oct 2017 05:25:43
Paul, have you not been taking your meds again? Come on love, you know you have to. It's doctors orders.
That's magic!

11 Oct 2017 10:35:44
LOL Debbie!

11 Oct 2017 13:15:28
Tbf to paul daniels it has been mentioned in the E+S about Wolves asiming to make Jota a perm signing, but after his past antics it's no wonder he gets scoffed at on here now lol.

11 Oct 2017 14:16:24
Hope the gary hooper rumour is way off mark. we can surely do better than that.

11 Oct 2017 14:34:01
I did this a few weeks back but Paul has more sway then I,
Out of interest how many of our squad do you think will go on to play internationally?

11 Oct 2017 20:15:23
International? Well there's Saiss and Doc should be playing for Ireland and Douglas for Scotland maybe one day after that it depends if Neves or Jota or Costa or Miranda or Vinagre plays for Portugal probably not while they are in the Championship though

Duckens for Haiti.

12 Oct 2017 16:06:33
Alfred for Senegal.

08 Oct 2017 13:23:14
Ben Marshall to be offloaded in January according to Alan Nixon.
That's magic!

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08 Oct 2017 14:39:07
Hearing that we after Benik Afobe again!

08 Oct 2017 16:52:53
I'm concerned about the Afobe rumours. He has proved he's not Premier League standard so do WW just want him for 4 months to secure promotion at £12m. Rather get a striker who can do a job for 4 months and step up.

08 Oct 2017 19:11:53
There isn’t going to be a striker brought in the traditional sense as that isn’t how Nuno sets up with his philosophy.

Afobe would be a great signing for two reasons:
1) he can hold up the ball and bring the creative players we have into the game.
2) he is a better version of bright. I rate bright but afobe is more accomplished. In the game against Barnsley and Cardiff we needed a player to hold the ball up and be strong. Bright did do that against Barnsley and won is the game but he can be kicked out of games.

12-15 million would be a bargain as long as the team are in good shape come January. Fingers crossed it’s with the footballing gods now.

10 Oct 2017 13:49:45
Marshall off to Fulham or Leeds?

11 Oct 2017 16:01:43
12 -15 million a bargain for a striker who can't score and wouldn't play for the team last time he was here because he wanted to leave 😂😂 if we get promoted he would strugle in the prem as proven already and we would strugle to get anywhare near that back for him might as well have kept dicko or get mason back.

12 Oct 2017 12:13:45
Afobe is struggling in the PL now for a decent coach like Howe. It's not as though he is being miss-used by the likes of Pulis. We need players who can perform in the PL when we get there.

12 Oct 2017 22:59:48
Jack Wilshere also struggled in the PL last year under Howe. Afobe is the best natural finisher to play for us in many a year. Give him service and he'll score. Would be good value if we could get him.

04 Oct 2017 21:52:54
Wolves for Ings in the Jan transfer window? Could do worse?

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04 Oct 2017 23:48:32
Id take danny ings if he can stay fit he would be a vital kegs in the machine, need another striker not just for back up too Leo, but too net goals come end of year we don't want too be pushed out of 1st/ 2nd or even out of playoffs due too goal difference 👌.

05 Oct 2017 07:29:51
Inns when fit would be brilliant he is a goalscorer yes please.

05 Oct 2017 09:02:40
I did say ings last season only problem is klopp likes him to much that's why they got rid of origi so I can't see Liverpool letting him go but nice target that's the kind of striker we need.

05 Oct 2017 09:43:51
I like ings and agree on above comments if he is fit in january we could get him on loan for 2nd half of this season. I like that striker from porto we wete interested in in august excuse spelling abhkour. I think also we get promoted fosun will buy someone like ings and another stellar signing 30 40 million pound player.

05 Oct 2017 14:30:14
Danny Ings yes if fit, if not leave alone.

05 Oct 2017 22:31:15
Another pile of dross served up by Southgate's warriors tonight. England have zero chance of winning anything with him in charge.

08 Oct 2017 08:33:16
Brimble - I don't think it's Southgate's fault. The issue comes from the fact that 80% of England's top clubs are foreign owned, 80% are foreign managed/ coached and have 80% foreign players. It's little wonder then that the England team is only 20% as good as it once was. If that!

08 Oct 2017 13:25:55
No excuse for the football if you can call it football they tried to play the other night DAS.
Smaller countries than ours have played football far better than we played the other night, we were awful but let's look on the bright side at least we qualified which is the most important thing and the football cannot be no worser surely than we played the other night in future matches, just hope it was a 1 off game of football.
Any more performances like the other night then surely in my opinion Southgate and is staff have to go because to be honest who would pay good money to watch that.

10 Oct 2017 11:46:20
You will find that Mendes will sort our striker position out in january with Nuno, also I think we will get a defender.
We have one of the best football agents in football if not the best so there is no need to worry Wolves fans, exciting times ahead realy proud to be a Wolves fan at the moment, may it long continue, best football we are playing for years at the moment.

03 Oct 2017 22:05:48
Jota deal hoped to be signed in January. Like Costa every fan will be very happy with this, fee said to be 8 figures but not as much as Neves.

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02 Oct 2017 10:27:38
Villa are a lot better than last season when we beat them at the golden palace and drew (but should of won) at the library (1 song villa villa @ villa park) said the only work colleague talking to me this splendid monday morning at work i pointed out to him so are we. up the wolves fwaw.

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24 Sep 2017 11:59:45
Am I right in thinking we are the second highest scorers in the league - and without a 'striker' too?
A few of the teams that we have played late will surprise quite a few this year, so out recent results are much more valuable than the actual performances. I think Bristol City will not be far away.
Keep it going Nuno, it feels fab to be a Wolves fan!

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24 Sep 2017 18:14:23
We mustn't become complacent and think we can just turn up and turn teams over! We have to treat all teams with respect and assume they will beat us if we don't concentrate and presume we're going to lose if we don't. Just getting a bit worried that we will be stuffed soon if any of that attitude creeps into our game! Sheffield United are going to be a tough test and I wouldn't be surprised to see Clarke score against us.! ⚽️😉👍.

25 Sep 2017 17:35:01
Yes but Bristol City are the biggest scorers so guess which game helped put both teams up there!

25 Sep 2017 21:08:17
No they're not. Leeds are top scorers on 17. Us, Bristol city and hull have 15.

25 Sep 2017 21:36:31
Wolvescoast u for real . u always respect a team but never do u go on to the pitch thinking u are going to get beat .

26 Sep 2017 07:57:37
Wazza, of course you don't. However, I doubt Crystal Palace thought they would come away with a win. Even Woy Wogers, thought it was going to be a hard game for them. Roughly translated meaning they had little chance of getting anything from it! I suppose you could say he was being realistic. All I mean is we've done great and that will only continue if we don't become complacent and assume all we have to do is turn up! ⚽️😉👍.

26 Sep 2017 21:00:50
When had the manager said that wolvescoast
Only you have said, that plus your usual negetive comments.

27 Sep 2017 18:05:09
Seems like we're looking at someone to add to the forward line from the free agent market.

30 Sep 2017 19:21:50
Well done lads bring on the Villa can't wait I hope Terry is fit to play remember him kissing his premiership badge and laughing at the South Bank whilst playing for Chelsea you won't be laughing soon boy!


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