29 Jul 2018 14:25:14
So, Bazza gone to Leeds and there's no sentiment in football. How come certain others are still here?

1.) 29 Jul 2018
29 Jul 2018 14:30:10
Lol your right jet, and a few are useless. Still time to get rid.

2.) 29 Jul 2018
29 Jul 2018 14:44:25
One problem you’ve got jet and if your on about Danny batth he’s club captain and If i'm honest I think nuno likes Danny batth tbh with ya.

3.) 29 Jul 2018
29 Jul 2018 15:13:37
Douglas was a great player last seasons. But that’s the championship. But Nuno has to be concerned about his defensive side. And if you say he would be a good backup, he won’t want to be backup. I think he should of been given a chance but if all of a sudden he isn’t prem quality we’re stuck with him till January.

4.) 29 Jul 2018
29 Jul 2018 15:50:41
I had a lot of time for Douglas last year. but you could see shortcomings which would have been exposed in Premier. When he didn’t have space to cross with his left and had to turn back on his right, cross was never delivered just a simple right footed lay off.
If however there was a disciplinary issue then I support the manager. Nuno takes no prisoners as a professional footballer he expects the highest professional standards, some have already learned the hard way - Graham and Iorfa. No way back once copybook blotted!

5.) 29 Jul 2018
29 Jul 2018 17:14:05
looks like fulhams going for it.

6.) 29 Jul 2018
29 Jul 2018 17:32:08
Well said Scottish Wolf, I heard he had a bad Attitude towards discipline and Club moved him on because of it.

7.) 29 Jul 2018
29 Jul 2018 18:17:42
The Barrymainers next to accept the decision and move on. Its done and there won't a referendum to re-sign him. I personally would have voted for him to stay but clearly there must be something in the rumour of a fall out, but now we have to just hope Nuno can negotiate us the best deal possible for his replacement and get us INTO Europe asap.

8.) 29 Jul 2018
29 Jul 2018 19:49:39
Only way to win matches is by scoring more goals than the opposition, that is where my concern lies.! Have we got a quality proven scorer up front? We also need a decent left and right back and a killer in midfield. Otherwise no problems. 😉⚽️👍.

9.) 29 Jul 2018
29 Jul 2018 20:15:25
Nothing unusual about moving players on remember Jackett moved on Jacobs Golborne and Ricketts all good players but not who he wanted.

10.) 29 Jul 2018
29 Jul 2018 20:36:07
. or conceded less (Wolvescoast) .

Nuno has always had a set up that was hard to break down and not easy to beat.
This has always been the way he (and his backroom staff) have set up their teams.
We won quite a few games last year by 1-0, or with a clean sheet.

'IF' he has spotted something in Douglas that he deems likely to be exposed at a higher level, 'AND' he can bring in a stronger defensive player, then this seems to fit snugly with Nuno's philosophy.

So, winning matches isn't just 'scoring more than the others' (ask Keegan) - it is about
1. conceding less than the opposition;
2. creating opportunities;
3. converting those opportunities.

If we get 1 right; and are successful at 2; we simply need some good luck to 3 to work out.

You could put 'world=beaters' up front but if they are not supplied with opportunities, or the donkeys at the back concede loads, then their efforts are futile.

That is why it is a TEAM game, not one for 11 individuals (plus subs)!