16 Jun 2018 20:43:52
Huddersfield lining up bid for Cav.

1.) 16 Jun 2018
16 Jun 2018 20:49:32
We don't need to sell him so if true they are wasting their time and can go look somewhere else.

2.) 16 Jun 2018
16 Jun 2018 21:26:54
Do one huddesfield, Cav is one of our most important players so hands off.
To be differant I voted Cav as my player of the season.
Will be gutted if this is true.
In Nuno we trust.

3.) 16 Jun 2018
16 Jun 2018 21:35:40
If it is true then the club must be confident in a number of targets because that is going to leave us very light up front. Can't see it being true myself.

4.) 16 Jun 2018
16 Jun 2018 22:04:41
Also I know we let afobe go but 1.We are not that stupid to let one of our best players from last season go 2.at the moment our only main players for the winger role is jota, costa, cav so even if we did sign another winger you still need back ups for if one gets injured or different games if you decide to switch players around and honestly I think in the forward line our only signings will be another striker and possibly 1 winger so if we let him go we would be light upfront also the only source is the mirror so that really says it all.

5.) 16 Jun 2018
16 Jun 2018 22:49:42
Personally, I think we should keep Cav. He’s a bloody excellent player and improving all the time. Initially, I saw him as a 60/ 70 minute a man game and a bit inconsistent. However, he has got better an better as time goes on and we need him. Huddersfield should be told to rotate!

6.) 16 Jun 2018
16 Jun 2018 22:56:24
Huddersfield were after Coady last season. Nuno knew better. It will be the same with Cav.

7.) 17 Jun 2018
16 Jun 2018 23:51:00
Good luck with that one Huddersfield!

8.) 17 Jun 2018
17 Jun 2018 08:13:22
If cav does go which I don’t think he Nuno will haft to have a world class player coming in.

9.) 17 Jun 2018
17 Jun 2018 08:36:16
Huddersfield why the heck would any of our top players want to go anywhere apart from top 6 team.
Nobody going anywhere big things happening at wolves.

10.) 17 Jun 2018
17 Jun 2018 09:49:20
This won't happen! They won't be able to afford a high bid for him. Stop worrying.

11.) 17 Jun 2018
17 Jun 2018 11:18:28
Not so long ago Spurs every Summer were supposedly linked with players they clearly couldn’t afford and had no chance of buying. Every year it was the same - just a ploy to sell season tickets. Recently West Ham have done the same. Now it seems Huddersfield have gone down the same path. They couldn’t afford Cav and he wouldn’t want to swap Wolves for a relegation struggle.

12.) 17 Jun 2018
17 Jun 2018 12:13:56
I see this one materialising. Although I rate Cav-100%.
Fosun want world class players and european football.
I’d thank Cav for his service but I don’t think he will become world class.
It’s also hard to keep Cav happy if he will be on the bench. As this was shown through points through his last two years- but because of the game he plays he can’t play a 90min game every week. Not his fault as such such a negative of the style that Nuno plays. That’s why the forward players changed regularly.

13.) 17 Jun 2018
17 Jun 2018 12:44:30
For me, Cav and Jota were the standout forwards last season, for their style, their abilities and their finishing.
If we are going to bring in more quality then it is inevitable that some will go, and some of those that do go will be at the top end of the squad. We will need to get used to that happening as it is the way these days.
Whether Cav, or others go, we will see, but I wouldn't have thought Uddersfield would be a first choice!
UTW and trust in the boss and his bosses!

14.) 17 Jun 2018
17 Jun 2018 13:13:04
Why can't Huddersfield afford him. Have they had their TV money stopped or did they use it to pay off the debt they never had?

15.) 17 Jun 2018
17 Jun 2018 15:40:38
Surely if players like:
Cancelo, Gomez, Silva, Bost, Wilshere, Patricio, abate, Ronaldo (by some :) ), Sanches, Lindelof, Mangala, Telles etc etc then surely some players have to be moved on. The thing is is there is not only an understanding of a massive overhaul needed but also the trust in the manager to oversee it. Exciting just hope the pack spirit can be maintained . UTW.

16.) 18 Jun 2018
18 Jun 2018 09:09:57
He would be mad to go to Huddersfield they are tipped for relegation he should be looking top half if he does get offers, like no worse than Leicester.